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About Us

a church in the city

to love the city

CityLight Seoul Church

is a global ministry that longs to be

"a church in the city to love the city."

God created ‘cities’ and they are meant to be great places of blessing and growth.

We started with a dream to see revival happen in Seoul and for the Gospel to spread from here towards all nations.


Our church, the people, is a diverse community of expats and Korean nationals from various cultures and backgrounds. In no way do we aim to be a perfect church. Whether you are a follower of Jesus Christ or are unsure about your faith, we are an open door to all people and gladly welcome you!


"Raising and releasing a generation of worshipers

to impact the world for Christ."


Our goal is to train, equip, and disciple people to be devoted followers of Jesus Christ in order that they can influence others to do the same. We long to see people from all nations come together so that they can be sent out again. 


To build a COMMUNITY of caring and embracing DIVERSITY

while keeping the UNITY of faith.


We understand that we are all individually unique, but we share a common denominator: our faith in Jesus Christ.

We long to be a community that would live out this faith in love and humility. 




We were created for worship and it doesn't begin and end in church.

In all our work, we strive for excellence, creativity, and integrity that would honor Him

and expresses our love for God for He has done for us.


To live MISSIONALLY through GOSPEL IMPACT in this NATION and the WORLD.


In Matthew 28, Jesus gave us His final instructions, to "Go and make disciples of all nations."

Our goal is to equip, train, and disciple the church in order to "release" them into the world.



Just as the Apostle Paul talks of gospel partnerships (Philippians 1).

With a Kingdom mindset, not set on building our own personal empires, we aspire to build Kingdom networks with other churches in making greater synergistic global impact. We believe God has called us to bring transformation in South Korea.

We pray for a day when the people of North Korea will be able to worship our same God with us. 


Pastor Leo Rhee (Senior Pastor)


Hails from Chicago, Illinois (USA) and has served in various cities throughout
the United States including Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Los Angeles.


Pastor Leo came out to Korea in 1999 and served in the English Ministry at Onnuri Community Church (OEM) from 1999-2006. During that time, he taught several classes at Torch Trinity Graduate University, served as the senior editor for the Living Life devotional publication, and made frequent appearances on CGNTV.  Later returning to his hometown, Chicago from 2006-2012, he ministered as the lead pastor at Canaan Community Church.  It was at the end of that season that his family returned to Korea to serve in various missions organizations and churches and in 2017, officially planted CityLight Seoul Church.

Our pastor has traveled globally, speaking at various conferences, schools, organizations, and churches. 

His heart is to mentor and equip the next generation of church leaders as well as to unify and network various ministries for the work of the Kingdom.

Further, he is a graduate of the University of Illinois and studied theology and pastoral ministry at Trinity International University (Chicago), Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia), Loyola College of Maryland (Baltimore), and the Presbyterian College and Seminary (Seoul).   Currently enrolled in the PhD program at Torch Trinity Graduate University, he serves as a chaplain and adjunct professor there.

He is married to wife, Hyekyung and enjoys music, reading, and triathlon training and other endurance sports. 

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